Hangman’s Hill Quarry

Warren House Formation

Hangman’s Hill Quarry

Exposed Units: Warren House Formation

This location is a disused quarry on Hangman’s Hill, lying approximately on the 250m contour and overlooking Dales Hall. The quarry has been worked on more than one level but only the top one is now exposed. A few rocks apparently in situ are seen lower down.

The exposed rocks are dominated by black ignimbrite at the south end of the quarry and a grey-coloured, very fine grained rhyolite towards the north end of the quarry.

Site is more easily accessed than Reservoir quarry and shows similar rocks, but more weathered.


Ignimbrite – A destructive flow of volcanic ash, gases and rock particles that is erupted violently from a volcano.

Rhyolite – A fine grained volcanic rock, with a similar chemistry to granite.


Panoramic view of the remaining face at Hangman’s Hill Quarry. A natural outcrop of Warren House Formation is visible in the background.


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March 2011

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