The Geopark Way trail is waymarked along its full 109 mile length.  The only exception to this is where the Geopark Way trail passses over the Malvern Hills (this section of the trail will never be waymarked. The trail route directions together with the additional detailed map within the Geopark Way trail guide are in such detail that you can follow with the trail over the Malvern Hills without the need for waymarkers).

The image to the right  shows an example of a Geopark Way Trail marker. These can be found on fingerposts, gates and styles along the route.

The Bridgnorth end of the trail has been marked with a brass plaque, whilst the Gloucetser end of the trail is marked with a stone slab with a trilobite carved into it.








Many thanks to the following organisations whose financial contributions made it possible for us to waymark the trail.



More information about aggregate sites and the use of aggregates is available here.