Warren House Formation

Age: ≤566 million years (Precambrian, Neoproterozoic)


More than seven-eighths of Earth’s geological history (4600-542 million years ago) is contained within Precambrian time, which itself can be divided up into seven broad units of time. The Precambrian rocks of Worcestershire fall within the youngest unit – the Neoproterozoic (1000-542 million years ago).


Younger than the Malverns Complex, the Warren House Formation outcrops in a patch east of Herefordshire Beacon in Worcestershire, running down to Hangman’s Hill in the south. The Formation comprises a complex suite of volcanic rocks that erupted underwater. Exposures are restricted to crags and a few quarries; these expose ignimbrites, tuffs and rhyolites. Basalts in a pillow lava structure – a classic example of a sub-marine volcanic eruption – have also been recorded.


Hangman’s Hill Quarry, Worcestershire

Broad Down Quarry, Worcestershire

Dales Hall Quarry, Worcestershire

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