The Trust is excited to announce the launch of the project Voyages in Deep Time following the award of support from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Bransford Trust, in addition to a number of other organisations and individuals.

The project will produce apps to support the teaching of geology in schools and colleges in addition to informing a wider audience. The educational content will be produced with support of a number of geology teachers and their students. An associated web site will work in conjunction with the apps and provide resources to support artistic interpretations of deep time environments, through to the data to build ancient lifeforms and landforms using 3D printers.

For geology the project will focus on four main sites; in Worcestershire the Lickey/Clents Hills and Martley, in Herefordshire the Wye gorge and the Red and Black Darren area of the Black Mountains.

The project will develop 3 categories of app. The ‘Explorer’ will use the phone/tablet as a data recording device for field work. Information about the site to be explored is downloaded to the app from the Deep Time website, making it extendable to any location. The ‘Voyager’ will be built around a game/competitive theme, solving real problems in the context of ancient environments. The ‘PastBeneathMe’ will provide information on the rocks, soil, plus any archaeological or industrial history of the place beneath the user (limited to Herefordshire and Worcestershire). The data for this will be delivered, as far as possible live, from open source datasets, provided by the recently launched ESSP (Environmental Science to Services Partnership) involving BGS, OS, MetOffice, Environment Agency and others.