The Lickey Hills Geo-Champions emerged from the EHT’s Champions project as a dynamic group of volunteers, inspiring a deluge of new research to increase our understanding of the complex geological structure of the Lickeys.  Interest was boosted by the recent ‘Voyages in Deep Time’ project, and group member Alan Richardson has been in the forefront of this drive to learn more.  This led him to some innovative new interpretation which is described in this welcome up-date to earlier published papers.

‘The Lower Palaeozoic of the Lickey Hills’ summarises the research and new discoveries by the Lickey Hills Geo-Champions and others since the original Champions ‘Barnt Green Road Quarry’ booklet was published in 2011. Alan has included some published material by earlier geologists and brought our knowledge of Lickey Hills geology up to date. This is a beautifully produced booklet with numerous photos and illustrations, and Alan has generously decided that it should be freely available.

It is now on the Champions website to view or download here:

We hope this publication will inform and inspire others to become involved with the gradually unravelling geological story of the Lickey Hills.

Julie Schroder (member of the ‘Lickey Hills Geo-Champions’)