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The Geopark Way Guidebook

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The orange 2nd edition guidebook benefits from many features not seen in the old edition

  • new introductions, descriptions, timescales and diagrams
  • revised maps of the route with OS grid references for the start and car parking points for each of the 17 sections
  • updated sketch maps and route directions for each section
  • a large-scale map of the Geopark enclosed in the back cover pocket
  • An up to date glossary of geological terms to help you understand all you see
  • Information on geological organisations in the four counties
Geopark Way Guide
Sample page from the the Geopark Way guide.

Guidebook and apps for the 109-mile trail

The rocks along the Geopark Way tell amazing stories of continental collision, tropical seas, hot deserts, equatorial swamps and coastal lagoons, of vast ice sheets and polar deserts. Equally interesting are the building stones of the churches, bridges, town halls, cottages and a fine cathedral.

These stories can be followed in the guidebook, described across the different landscapes of the four counties which make up the Geopark. Each element of the guidebook offers a different perspective on long distance walking. The Geopark Way is divided into 17 easy to walk sections. Each section describes and interprets the geological sites seen along the trail. The text in the guidebook is peppered with interesting facts about the area, its industry and history along with comprehensive instructions, points of interest and a sketch map to point you in the right direction.

The geology and landscape encountered on the Geopark Way is described in a manner accessible for people with no previous knowledge of Earth Science. For those with an understanding of the subject, the Geopark Way is a great opportunity to discover more about the geology of the area.

The guidebook makes use of easy to read diagrams, annotated photos and line drawings to explain what can be seen along the route. A concise glossary explains the terminology used within the guide.

The Geopark Way guidebook is available from the Trust online or by phone on 01905 855184. It is also listed by Book Data and may be ordered through any high street bookseller. ISBN: 978-0-9558390-7-8.

The free, online Geopark Way Visitor Guide (can be downloaded direct from our catalogue) allows you to plan your trip along including accommodation, places to eat, and activities in the area as well as further geological walks and countryside sites to visit. It is possible to combine a walk on the Geopark Way with a trip on the Severn Valley Railway

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