The Geological Records Centre

Our repository for information collected and collated by consultants and volunteers.

The GRC: an extensive archive of information

Established in 1996, the GRC has grown continuously over the years and now contains an extensive archive of information that includes the following:


A large selection of paper and digital maps, including OS Explorer (1:25 000) and OS Landranger (1: 50,00) series, as well as British Geological Survey geology maps of both counties.


An extensive collection of literature that covers general aspects of geology, geomorphology and geodiversity, as well as an extensive bibliography of books, journals, magazines, reports, extracts, and newsletters with reference to specific locations or aspects of the geology and landscape in the two counties.

Site Records

An extensive digital database that includes data on Local Geological Sites and Sites of Special Scientific Interest in the two counties. Data includes survey notes & diagrams, site photographs and detailed maps.

Trail Guides

A collection of guides published by the Trust. There are currently over 35 titles available. For more information  see our Publications section.

Rocks & Fossils

A large collection of rock and fossil samples and specimens collected from throughout the two counties and beyond.


Consultants are available by appointment for enquiries regarding the Earth Heritage Trust, The Abberley & Malvern Hills Geopark and The Geology Trusts. They can also help with information about other geoconservation organisations.

Visiting the Geological Records Centre

Access to the GRC on the University of Worcester campus for visitors is by appointment only between 9 am and 2 pm, Monday and Thursday, and 9 am and 3 pm Tuesday and Friday. The GRC is closed on public holidays and for 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period when the University campus is also closed.

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