This report was compiled in November 2020 by Peter Bridges as one of the reports sent in by Champions at the end of each year. It gives a snapshot of the work undertaken since Peter took over the reins from Richard Edwards as the Champion for Tank and North Quarries. Working together with others from the Malvern U3A, Peter and Richard have ambitious plans as described by Peter below.  We will keep you posted as this work progresses. Julie Schroder (Champions Co-ordinator).

Current Status of the Sites

A recent clearance programme organised by John Payne and undertaken by volunteers from Malvern U3A Geology Group means that Tank Quarry is currently in a good state. That said, additional work will be required in the Spring to control vegetation growth and attempt to stop moss spreading over the exposed surfaces.

Photographs of three interesting exposures (after clearing) are shown below.

Changes and Plans for the Future

After many years as Champion of North and Tank Quarry, Richard Edwards has decided to relinquish his position of Earth Heritage Champion and has handed over the role to Peter Bridges – a retired exploration geologist and an active member of the Malvern U3A Geology group.

Richard and Peter have agreed to work together for a time and to pursue a number of initiatives focussed on updating the Tank and North Quarries pages of the Champions website by including:

  • a number of images of the various new notices in both North and Tank quarries (including one or more photos of Tank as a working quarry)
  • a suggested itinerary around the two quarries and the surrounding area with suitable explanatory text to ensure that visitors will see the main geological features and are able to appreciate the points of interest associated with them.

Public Events

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic no public events were held during the year.

Peter Bridges, November 2020