Earth Heritage is a broad term that refers to all aspects of the conservation, protection, management, interpretation and education relating to geological, geomorphological, landscape and soil sites. Earth science is the broad term used to identify the scientific study of geological, geomorphological, landscape and soil sites.
From volcanoes to oceans, from desert to tundra to today’s hills, valleys, rivers and plains the landscape of Herefordshire & Worcestershire has evolved over millions of years. Herefordshire & Worcestershire is a particularly special area of the country as so many geological periods are represented, ranging from the ancient rocks of the Malvern Hills (700 million years old) to the ‘recent’ glacial and river deposits in the valleys of the rivers Avon, Severn and Wye.
The geology and landscape of Herefordshire & Worcestershire is covered in this section of our website. Under Local Geology, you will find information about the different types of rocks that can be found in the two counties, In the Local Landscapes section, you will find short essays describing interesting areas of the two counties.