Our records of geological sites in the two counties were initially created by fully funded projects with paid geologists doing the field work. Since the source of funding for such work has dried up, our sites database has become increasingly out of date. It can no longer tell us reliably whether a site is accessible or whether its interesting features can be found.

We are planning a programme of site monitoring across the two counties, and are appealing for volunteers to carry out the field work.

Local Geological Sites are the first priority: they were each designated for a specific purpose, and the aim of the monitoring is to discover whether the key features are still visible. Volunteers would assess the condition of the site and report back using a standard form. Training will be provided for anyone willing to help.

This work has the added benefit of identifying many more publicly accessible sites and promote them on our web site for all to enjoy.

Please get in touch by emailing eht@worc.ac.uk if you would like to be involved, either as an individual or perhaps as a group taking on the sites in your local area.