Malvern Quartzite Formation

Age: 530- 510 million years ago (Cambrian, Comley Series)


The Malvern Quartzite is found in Gullet Pass to the southwest of Gullet Quarry, In Hollybush Quarry and at Winter Coombe.


During Cambrian times the sea transgressed over the area and deposited sediments on the Precambrian rocks. The unit comprises pale grey, hard quartz-cemented sandstones and interbedded conglomerates and is seen to rest unconformably on the Malverns Complex at one locality. The conglomerates contain clasts of rounded quartz, alongside material from the Precambrian Malverns Complex and Warren House Formation. This suggests that the unit was deposited along an ancient shoreline, adjacent to a landmass from which the Precambrian rocks were being eroded.


White-Leaved Oak Quarry, Worcestershire

Hollybush Quarries, Worcestershire

Martley Pit, (Martley Rock) Worcestershire

Gullet Pass Pit, Herefordshire

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