Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has a list of extraction products that are subject to the Aggregates Levy. These products include the following:

There are also numerous extraction products that are not recognised as aggregates by Defra, even though most are used in the construction industry and are accepted as aggregates by the British Geological Survey and the aggregate industry.These include:

  • Chalk (unless quarried for an aggregate, such as flint)
  • Materials used in iron, cement and steel production
  • Building/ornamental stone
  • Moulding/refractory sands
  • Materials used in brick manufacture (e.g. mudstone)
  • Coal/lignite
  • Materials used in China clay/ceramics manufacture
  • Mineral deposits
  • Glacial boulder clay
  • Soil/peat/other organic material
  • Materials used in lime production
  • Ironstone

Further information on aggregates can be found through the web links below.

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