Volunteering for the Earth Heritage Trust

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The Trust ALWAYS needs new volunteers.

They are the backbone of the Trust.

The trust’s work can only be achieved through voluntary effort by our dedicated members, trustees, vice presidents and those who just want to help. We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities to get involved.
Volunteers are supported by a small, carefully selected band of paid consultants, some engaged in everyday tasks, others are dedicated to projects. Most volunteering opportunities take place within the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, U.K.

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Ways you could help

Project field work

Most projects require volunteers to help with field work and other tasks. The skills and geological knowledge needed depends on the project, and training will usually be given.

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Educational displays and events

The Trust aims to have a presence at several selected public open days, field days, lifelong learning events each year, with demonstration of trust products such as the Deep Time apps, rock and fossil roadshows, displays about local geology, sales of Trail Guides etc. and fun activities for children to learn about Earth sciences.
Volunteers help run the trust stall and engage with the public. They receive free access to the event.

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Maintenance of important geological sites

Removal of excessive vegetation from geological sites requires volunteers on a regular basis, to ensure that features of interest remain exposed. Geologists are needed to monitor the state of existing sites and survey new ones.

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Testing and maintaining geological trails

The Geopark Way and all the shorter trails have to be tested prior to publication and continually monitored. Volunteers walk the trails regularly, report any problems they find and reinstate signage where feasible.

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Site champions

Some clusters of important geological sites are adopted by Site Champions, who are local to the area. They work with landowners to keep the sites in good condition and showcase them to members of the public through guided tours.

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Site surveying and monitoring

From time to time, new sites become exposed or are brought to our attention, and we conduct geological surveys to record what is there and determine the value and condition of the site. Known sites are also re-assessed intermittently.

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Specialist skills

Knowledge and skill of many kinds is needed for the effective running of the trust, from website design and maintenance, to librarian and archiving, construction of educational materials, help with training, outreach and community liaison.

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    Volunteer expression of interest

    If you are willing to help the trust as a volunteer, and you are based in or near Herefordshire and Worcestershire, U.K., please complete this form. We will use your contact details to let you know about specific opportunities to help in the areas you are interested in.

    Please check all volunteering activities where you are willing to help
    Trust educational displays and stalls at open eventsProject field workSite maintenanceTesting and maintaining geological trailsSite surveying and monitoringSite championGeoconservation advice and liaison with partnersBack-office tasks (e.g. data entry/librarian/financial/education support)Outreach and community liaison

    Note that some activities require specific skills and or commitments from participants, and we may ask you to undergo training, which we will provide.

    Communicating with you

    When you register as a volunteer with the trust we will use the information you have provided to communicate with you about volunteering activities.

    You can support the Trust in many ways

    Become a friend

    As a Friend of the HWEHT, you become more involved and exercise full voting rights to advise and influence. You subscribe to the aims of the trust and pay a small annual subscription.

    How to become a friend

    Donate now

    Every donation helps the Trust to meet its geo-conservation goals. You can give to the trust with regular payments or by a one-off donation.
    Every penny will help to protect and conserve our Earth Heritage.

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    Specialising in our Trail Guides, including the Geopark Way, the Earth Heritage Trust also offers a range of maps, books, tools, field equipment, children’s toys, geological supplies, microscopy and lapidary equipment.

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    Help at Events

    If you want to volunteer at our next event you can become the backbone of the trust. Have fun, make friends, make a difference!

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