Hackley Farm 1

Hackley Limestone

Hackley Farm 1

Exposed Units: Hackley Limestone

Limestone was formerly quarried in three small pits and 4m of exposure was recorded by the British Geological Survey; however the sites are now marked by small depressions and no exposures. At the southernmost site badgers have excavated plenty of samples of the limestone. This chemical limestone (calcrete) is found within the Devonian St Maughans Formation.  The samples indicate a pedogenic limestone, which is green/blue in colour and mottled red.  Several processes are recorded within this fossil soil, including the development of fluid channels followed by evaporation.


Pedogenic (sic pedogenesis) – The process by which a soil develops. In this context, the Hackley Limestone formed part of the soil.


There are no photographs available for this site.


Brandon, A., 1989, ‘Geology of the country between Hereford and Leominster’, Memoir of the Geological Survey of Great Britain, Sheet 198, pp. 62.

March 2011

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