The EHT now provides fossil resource boxes for schools across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Museums such as the Lapworth in Birmingham have loan boxes for schools available, but the time and cost of collection can make this impracticable for schools further from the Museum, thus a need for them to have their own resource. Each 4-litre box contains 2 trays of fossils from locations across the UK along with details of each fossil type and some additional laminated materials for the teachers. We have worked with teachers to ensure the boxes tie in with the national curriculum to maximise their use.

Fossils included in the boxes have been donated from collectors across the UK which helps keep costs down, and funding for the boxes comes from fossil sales, donations, and sponsorship of individual boxes to schools, so boxes are free to schools.

We have now delivered 10 boxes to schools and have orders for a further 10 boxes to deliver over the next few weeks, with more in production.

If you would like to nominate a local school to receive a box or would like to make a donation or sponsor a box, or have fossils to donate for use in the boxes, or would like to arrange a talk to your local interest group on the fossil boxes, please get in touch.

Mark Baggott

07784 181044