Earth Heritage Trust (EHT’s) first training session on GIS was well-attended. Fifteen attended the first class which was split over two half-days to accommodate everyone as it was hands-on with many participants bringing their own computer to try out the techniques.

GIS stands for Geographic Information System and is a clever piece of software that allows you to layer different types of information such as topographic and geological maps, aerial photographs, LIDAR data and your own observations and to make bespoke maps.

Ian Fairchild is hoping to teach participants all he knows about GIS over three sessions and that we can subsequently have a users’ support group to encourage those who want to use GIS for their own projects.  Attendees have a wide variety of applications in mind from Knighton sheet mapping to geological apps to Malvern Hills geology, Malverns AONB land ownership over time and identifying and mapping river terraces in the Teme representing fossil floodplains and river channel deposits.

The photo below on the modern Teme last weekend reminds us what a floodplain means!