Site NameGeology/Geomorphology
Abberley Hall (South Terrace)Silurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Abberley Hall EastSilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Abberley Parish QuarrySilurian, Aymestry Formation, Ludlow Siltstones
Abberley Village QuarrySilurian, Upper Ludlow Shale
Allesborough HillQuaternary, Avon Valley Formation: river terrace deposits
Ashmoor CommonQuaternary, Pleistocene
Bark HillCarboniferous, Coal Measures Series, Etruria Formation
Barnt Green Road QuarryOrdovician, Lickey Quartzite Formation
Barrel Heald QuarrySilurian, Upper Ludlow Shale/Downton Castle Formation
Beckford Court FarmQuaternary, Avon Valley Formation: river terrace deposits
Beckford Gravel PitQuaternary, Pleistocene
Berrow Hill Coal PitsCarboniferous, Halesowen Formation
Bewdley Road Cutting EastTriassic, Sherwood Sandstone Group
Bewdley Road Cutting WestPermian, Sherwood Sandstone Group
Blackstone RockPermian/Triassic, Bridgnorth Sandstone and Kidderminster Formation, Quaternary
Bredon Hill, Camber SlopeQuaternary, Jurassic, Inferior Oolite
Bredon Hill, King and Queen StonesQuaternary, Jurassic, Inferior Oolite
Bredon Hill, The Banbury StoneQuaternary, Jurassic, Inferior Oolite
Bredon Hill, Woollas HallQuaternary, Jurassic, Lias
Broad Down QuarryPrecambrian, Warren House Formation
Broadway Cambered GullsJurassic, Birdlip Limestone Formation; Quaternary, Holocene, Mass Movement Deposits
Broadway QuarryJurassic, Inferior Oolite Series
Brockhill Court QuarrySilurian, Raglan Mudstone Formation
Broomhill QuarryPrecambrian, Malverns Complex; Silurian, Llandovery, Wyche Beds
Bruff WorksSilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation & Coalbrookdale Formation
Callow Farm TrackSilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Callow Track NorthSilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Camp Farm QuarrySilurian, Upper Ludlow Shale
Castlemorton CommonTriassic, Quaternary/Devensian
Church Farm NorthQuaternary, Severn Valley Formation, river terrace deposits
Collins Green QuarriesSilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone, overlain unconformably by Permian, Haffield Breccia
Crews Hill Nature ReserveSilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Cropthorne Playig FieldQuaternary, Avon Valley Formation, river terrace deposits
Crowle QuarryTriassic, Westbury Formation & Blue Anchor Formation
Dingle QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex
Dogleg QuarryPrecambrian, Malverns Complex
Earnslaw QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex
Easthope Farm QuarrySilurian, Aymestry Limestone
Eymore Railway CuttingCarboniferous, Westphalian Formation
Fetterlocks WoodSilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Gullet Main QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex
Gorse Bank PitTriassic Sidmouth Mudstone Formation
Hadley QuarryTriassic, Bromsgrove Sandstone Formation
Hagley Hall QuarryTriassic, Kidderminster Formation
Hall FarmQuaternary, Anglian, Kyre Brook Valley Member
Hartlebury CommonQuaternary, Triassic, Bromsgrove & Wildmoor Sandstone Formations.
High Wood Sports FieldSilurian, Llandovery Series
Hunthouse No.6 CollieryCarboniferous, Coal Measure Series
Hunthouse WoodCarboniferous, Coal Measure Series, Halesowen Formation
Inkberrow A442 Road CuttingTriassic, Mercia Mudstone Group, Arden Sandstone Formation
Ivy Scar RockPrecambrian, Igneous
Kendal End FarmOrdovician, Barnt Green Volcanics Formation
KnightwickQuaternary, Severn Valley Formation, river terrace deposits
Lake Earnslaw QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex
Leapgate Old Railway StationTriassic, Wildmoor Sandstone Formation
Leigh BrookQuaternary and Silurian
Lippetts Farm QuarrySilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Little Malvern QuarryPrecambrian, Malverns Complex
Longley Green QuarrySilurian, Aymestry Limestone, Upper Ludlow Shales Formation
Madeley HeathQuaternary, Triassic, Bromsgrove Sandstone Formation
Mamble CollieryCarboniferous, Coal Measure Series
Martley Road CuttingTriassic, Bromsgrove Sandstone/Mercia Mudstone Formations
Martley RockPrecambrian, Malverns Complex; Cambrian, Malvern Quartzite; Silurian, Raglan Mudstone Formation; Carboniferous, Halesowen Formation
Osebury RockTriassic, Bromsgrove Sandstone Formation
Park Wood QuarriesSilurian, Lower Ludlow Siltstone and Much Wenlock Limestone Formations
Penny Hill QuarrySilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Permian Pit 1Permian, Haffield Breccia
Quarry Farm, Penny HillSilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Rectors PitQuaternary, Avon Valley Formation, river terrace deposits
Redstone RockTriassic, Wildmoor Sandstone Formation
Rushy ValleyQuaternary, head
Scar CottageTriassic, Bridgnorth Sandstone
Scar QuarryTriassic/Precambrian junction
Shavers End QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series,
Shepley Sandpit and KnollTriassic, Kidderminster Formation
Shewards QuarrySilurian, Upper Ludlow Shales
Shrawley Woods High QuarryTriassic, Bromsgrove Sandstone Formation
Southstone RockSilurian, Devonian, Lower ORS Series, Quaternary
Suckley 2Silurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Suckley 3Silurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Suckley 4Silurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Suckley 5Silurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Swinyard Hill QuarryPrecambrian, Malverns Complex
Sycamore Tree QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex; Silurian, Cowleigh Park Formation
Tank QuarryPrecambrian, Igneous
The Woodlands QuarryCarboniferous, Halesowen Formation
Top Barn Farm NorthQuaternary, Severn Valley Formation, Holt Heath Sand and Gravel
Upper Wyche QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex
Upton Warren PitQuaternary, Severn Valley Formation, Holt Heath Sand and Gravel
Wallhouse Plantation QuarrySilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Walsgrove HillSilurian, Aymestry Limestone Formation
Warren Lane QuarryOrdovician, Lickey Quartzite Formation
West of England QuarryPrecambrian, Malverns Complex
Westminster Bank QuarryPrecambrian, Malverns Complex
Whiteleaved Oak Lane QuarryOrdovician, Bronsil Shale Formation; Cambrian, Hollybush Sandstone Formation; Cambrian, Malvern Quartzite; Precambrian, Malverns Complex
Whiteleaved Oak QuarryOrdovician, Cambrian, Hollybush Sandstone Formation
Wide ValleyPrecambrian, Malverns Complex; Quaternary, Holocene, Head deposits
Woodbury Old QuarrySilurian, Upper Ludlow Shales/Downton Castle Formation
Woodbury QuarrySilurian, Pridoli, Ludlow, Bringewood, Leintwardine and Whitcliffe Formations, Quaternary
Worcester Road CuttingTriassic, Wildmore Sandstone Formation
Wyche Cutting and South Wyche QuarryPrecambrian Malverns Complex