Devonian Sandstone

Herefordshire LGS

Designated Local Geological Sites (LGS) in Herefordshire

There are 140 designated Local Geological Sites in Herefordshire, covering a wide range of the rock types and landscape features to be found in the county.

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Site NameGeology/Geomorphology
Aymestrey Main QuarrySilurian, Aymestry Limestone, Ludlow Series
Backney BridgeDevonian, Brownstones Formation
Ballingham Railway SectionDevonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, Quaternary Flowstone
Bartestree Quarry (Lowes Hill)Devonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, Permian-aged Intrusion
Barton Farm, KingtonQuaternary, Pleistocene, Late Devensian, Hereford Formation, Glacial Moraine
Bearswood Common, KingtonQuaternary, Pleistocene, Mathon Formation
Beech Cottage QuarryCarboniferous Avon Group (Lower Limestone Shales)
BlackwardinePleistocene, Risbury Formation, Stoke Prior Member: Fluvioglacial terrace deposits
Bodenham Farm Site 1Silurian, Upper Ludlow Siltstones
Bodenham Farm Site 2Silurian, Ludlow Series
Bodenham Farm Site 3Silurian, Ludlow Series
Bodenham Tufa FallsQuaternary
Bredwardine (Old Court)Quaternary, Late Devensian, Staunton on Wye Member of Herefordshire Formation
Breinton GorgeSilurian Moor Cliffs Formation (Raglan Mudstone Formation) Quaternary fluvioglacial deposits
Bridge SollersQuaternary, Late Devensian
Brobury ScarSilurian, Raglan Mudstone Formation
Brockhill Farm QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series, Downton Castle Sandstone Formation
Brockhill Stream SectionSilurian, Ludlow Series, Wenlock Series
Bromyard Industrial EstateDevonian, St Maughans Formation
Bronsil Road CuttingOrdovician igneous intrusion
Byton MeandersChannel Processes & Migration
CholstreyQuaternary, Pleistocene, Anglian, Risbury Formation, Devensian, Herefordshire Formation, Meltwater channel
Clutters CavePrecambrian, Warren House Series
Coldstone CommonQuaternary Peat deposits
Coneygree Wood Quarry 1Silurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Cowleigh Bridge ASilurian, Llandovery Series, May Hill Sandstone Group, Cowleigh Park Formation
Cowleigh Bridge BPrecambrian, Malverns Complex, Silurian, Llandovery, May Hill Sandstone Group
Credenhill Park Wood Adit and QuarrySilurian Bishop’s Frome Limestone Member, Devonian Freshwater West Formation (St Maughans Formation
Deans Place QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series
Deer Park Road SectionSilurian, Ludlow Series
Dormington SlipSilurian, Ludlow Series
Dormington Wood QuarrySilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Dudales Hope ValleyDevonian, St Maughans Formation
E.Green’s QuarrySilurian, Priodoli Series
Eaton Camp River TerraceQuaternary, Pleistocene, Palaeoenvironment, River Terrace No. 2
Eaton HillSilurian, Raglan Mudstone Formation, Quaternary, herefordshire Formation, Risby Formation, Dry Valley
Fishpool ValleySilurian, Aymestry Limestone Formation; Quaternary, Misfit Valley
Flintsham KettleQuarternary, Late Devensian, Herefordshire Formation, Kettle Hole, hummock terrain
Fowlet Farm QuarryCambrian/Ordovician intrusions
Franklands Gate PitQuaternary, Anglian Risbury Formation
Gardiners QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex
Garren ValleyGeomorpholgy, Devonian Brownstones
Garway Hill Common ThurfursQuaternary, Pleistocene, Periglacial Conditions. Devonian Brownstones Formation
Glewstone BoatDevonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, Brownstones
Glewstone CuttingDevonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, Brownstones
Goggin Road SectionSilurian Ludlow Series
Goodrich CastleDevonian, Lower Old red Sandstone
Great Doward Iron MineCarboniferous Gully Oolite (Crease Limestone)
Gullet Main QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex
Gullet Pass PitCambrian, Comley Series
Gullet Top QuarrySilurian, Llandovery Series, Precambrian Malvern Complex
Halesend QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series
Haysebrook CottagesQuaternary, Whitehouse member of Risbury Formation, Cradley and Colwall Members of Cradley Valley Formation
Hergest CourtQuaternary, Pleistocene, Late Devensian, Hereford Formation, Meltwater channels
Highfield QuarryDevonian, St Maughans Formation
Hoarwithy LaneDevonian, Brownstones Formation
Holme Lacy Railway CuttingQuaternary, Wye Valley Formation, Holme Lacy Member
Hoopers Oak QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series
Howle Hill QuarriesCarboniferous, Carboniferous Lower Limestone Shales
Huntsham BridgeQuaternary
Huntsham Hill LandslipsLower Devonian Brownstones Formation Upper Devonian Quartz Conglomerate and Tintern Sandstone
Huntsham Hill Road CuttingDevonian, Upper Old Red Sandstone, Quartz Conglomerate
Huntsham Hill SouthCarboniferous Avon Group (Lower Limestone Shales)
Kenchester Kettle MoraineQuaternary, Pleistocene, Glacial History, Palaeoenvironment
King Arthur’s Cave & QuarryQuaternary; Carboniferous, Llanelli Formation & Gully Oolite Formation
KingsfieldQuaternary, Lugg Valley Formation
Kinsham GorgeProglacial Overspill Channel
Knapp Lane QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series, Aymestry Limestone
Ledbury Tunnel QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series, Downton Castle Formation
Limekiln QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series
Linton QuarrySilurian, Upper Ludlow Siltstones & Downton Castle Formation
Linton Tile WorksDevonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, St Maughans Formation
Linton Wood QuarrySilurian, Wenlock Series, Ludlow Series, Pridoli Series
Little Doward Hillside 3Carboniferous, Lower Dolomite and Crease Limestone
Little Doward Limestone PavementQuaternary, Carboniferous, Crease Limestone Formation
Locksters Pool, River WyeChannel Processes and Migration
Lords Wood QuarryCarboniferous, Carboniferous Limestone Series
Lord’s Wood TracksideCarboniferous Cromhall Sandstone Formation
Lower Dolomite Cliff, Little DowardCarboniferous, Lower Limestone Shales: Black Rock Limestone and contact with Avon Group
Lyne Down QuarrySilurian, Upper Ludlow Siltstones: Upper Bringewood Beds
Loxter Ashbed QuarrySilurian, Aymestry Limestone Formation with bentonite layers
M50 Section 1 and DDevonian, Lower old Red Sandstone, Brownstones
M50 Section 2Devonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, St Maughans Formation, Brownstones
M50 Section ASilurian/Devonian, Downton Castle Fm./Lower Old Red Sandstone
Madawg Rock ShelterCarboniferous Gully Oolite (Crease Limestone)
Marlbrook Quarry and LimekilnSilurian, Raglan Mudstone Formation, Bishops Frome Limestone Member
Merbach StreamSilurian, Raglan Formation, Bishops Frome Member, Townsend Tuff Bed
Middle Hollybush QuarryPrecambrian, Cambrian, Malvern Quarzite
Mortimers Cross, River LuggQuaternary, Devensian Moraine
Mortimers Cross QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series
News WoodSilurian, Much Wenlock Formation
Old SuftonSilurian, Downton Group
Overross Road CuttingDevonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, Brownstones
Park Wood TufaCarboniferous Avon Group (Lower Limestone Shales)
Pitch Coppice QuarrySilurian, Wenlock Limestone Formation and Lower Ludlow Siltstones Formation
Priors Frome LanesideSilurian, Ludlow Series
Purlieu Brockhill CoppiceSilurian, Ludlow Series, Quaternary, Tufa
Quartz Conglomerate Cliff, Little DowardDevonian, Quartz Conglomerate Formation
Redbank CliffSilurian, Raglan Mudstone Formation, Quaternary, Pleistocene, 4th River Terrace, Landslip
Risbury BridgeQuaternary, Anglian Humber/Risbury Fm, Devonian St Maughans Fm.
Rudge End QuarrySilurian, Woolhope Limestone Formation/td>
Ryelands CroftQuaternary, Anglian, Risbury Formation
Scutterdine QuarrySilurian, Much Wenlock Limestone Formation, Woolhope Limestone
Shobdon DrumlinsQuaternary
Shucknall Hill QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series
Slashers QuarryQuaternary, Precambrian
Sleaves Oak QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series
Sned Wood, River LuggFault Controlled Valley, result of Glacial Diversion of Drainage
StansbatchQuaternary, Late Devensian
Starpit FarmQuaternary, Anglian Starpit Formation
Stiffords Bridge – Longley GreenQuaternary, Mathon Valley Formation
Stoke Prior SchoolQuaternary, Anglian/Late Devensian
Stretford Gravel PitsQuaternary, Late Devensian
Sunnyhill SectionSilurian, Ludlow Series
Sutton Walls Hill FortQuaternary, Lugg Valley Formation
Swardon QuarrySilurian, Ludlow Series.
Swardon Quarry below houseSilurian, Ludlow Series
The BiblinsCarboniferous and Quaternary
The BraysQuaternary, Risbury Formation, Mathon Valley Formation
The LeasowsQuaternary, Late Devensian, Hereford Formation
The Rainbow/ Hell Wood ChannelSubglacial Channel
The VauldQuaternary, Anglian Risbury Formation
The Windles QuarryCarboniferous, Avon Group (Lower Limestone Shale)
Tidbatch 2Devonian, St Maughans Formation
Trippleton LaneSilurian, Ludlow Series
Turner’s BoatQuaternary, Devensian Kettle Moraine
Upper Lyde PitQuaternary, Devensian
Ward HillSilurian, Raglan Mudstone Formation, Bishop’s Frome Limestone
Warners Farm PitQuaternary, Risbury Formation, Cradley Valley Formation
Weir CliffQuaternary Devensian till
White Fox, Coppet HillDevonian, Quartz Conglomerate Formation
Whitmans Hill CoppiceSilurian, Much Wenlock Formation
Whitmans Hill QuarrySilurian, Wenlock Series, Ludlow Series
Wild Goose FarmSilurian, Much Wenlock Formation
Wilton BluffDevonian, Lower Old Red Sandstone, Brownstones
Woolhope Cockshoot 2Silurian, Ludlow Series
Woolhope QuarrySilurian, Wenlock Series
Wyche Cutting and South Wyche QuarryPrecambrian, Malvern Complex
Yarkhill 1Silurian Upper Ludlow Siltstones, Downton Castle Sandstone
Yatton Court, River LuggQuaternary, Devensian
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