We have now finished our site surveying and training for the development stage of the project.  With the help of many dedicated volunteers we have completed surveys of 35 ponds, and have partial surveys of another 10 ponds.  Many of these are on sites we didn’t know about before the project began.  Many more ponds have also been reported by keen volunteers, we have a big list of these that we are saving until we hear about the next stage of funding.

If you have attended one of our training days but haven’t received your copy of “Kettle hole ponds survey method manual” please can you get in touch with Beth on e.andrews@worc.ac.uk and we can make sure one gets posted out to you.


We are also in the process of sorting out a visit with some experts to take some core samples of a few of our sites.  We haven’t finalised the dates and locations for these visits but it is likely to be towards the end of August.  If you are interested in coming along and finding out about how these longer (could be over 8m of sediment) cores are taken and seeing the experts at work then please let Beth know (e.andrews@worc.ac.uk) and you can be emailed the dates once they are finalised.

I want to say a huge “Thank you” to everyone who has been involved so far.  We have collected a huge amount of data in a very short time, often in less than ideal weather on many less than ideal sites.  We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you.