We have had a very busy month with the project.  From mammoth tasks and virtual meetings and energetic cycle rides and wet walks around ponds, everyone is preparing to share these wonderful sites with as many people as possible, even if they can’t make it in person.

We are hoping that the postponed Ice Age Herefordshire Exhibition at Hereford Museum may be able to open in late July.  The centrepiece of the exhibition is a life size reproduction mammoth, which Project Manager, Dave and I helped to move from the Canal and River Museum in Dudley to Hereford Museum.  This was literally a mammoth jigsaw puzzle, but it looks great in its new temporary home.  When we have confirmation of the opening details we will let everyone know.

Mammoth in pieces in Dudley


First mammoth selfie in Hereford

As part of the project we are creating some guided walk and a landscape cycle or driving route that can be accessed through a specially designed app.  We have been testing routes and checking viewpoints.  We will be looking for testers soon, so if you are a keen walker or cyclist and would like to help advise us, please do get in touch (e.andrews@worc.ac.uk).

We are also now planning our return to pond surveying, to try and visit some sites at the end of summer.  We are making some modifications to how we work, to make it as easy and safe as possible for our volunteers to get involved.

There will now be two types of survey; a general walking survey that records or confirms the presence of a pond and our more detailed pond recording.  The walking survey is the follow-up from the great work our volunteers have done with the 1st edition maps and only requires 4 simple questions to be answered and you can enter your data on an app while in the field, or upload your answers when you return.

For our more detailed pond recording, as well as updates following volunteer feedback in the development stage, we have been working on ways to reduce the need to share survey kit.  While we aren’t quite ready to go out yet, we hope to be introducing you to new sites very soon.  If you are interested in volunteering on the project then please do get in touch e.andrews@worc.ac.uk

Finally, just a reminder that we have a twitter account (@BuildingStones) and instagram (earth_heritage_trust) so please do follow us to keep up to date with what we are doing.  We are trying to add lots of new bits as we carry on working at home.

Beth Andrews, Project Officer – Conserving Herefordshire’s Ice Age Ponds.