On November 17th the Teme Valley Geological Society will be hosting Professor David Siveter, Emeritus Professor of Palaeontology at the University of Leicester, who last year spoke so memorably on the Silurian micro fossils of the Herefordshire Lagerstatte.

This time his topic is the Chinese Cambrian Lagerstatte from Chengjiang. This site presents an exceptional record of the rapid diversification of life on Earth during the early Cambrian period, 530 million years before present. In this geologically short interval almost all major groups of animals had their origins. The property is a globally outstanding example of a major stage in the history of life, representing a palaeobiological window of great significance.

The meeting in Martley Memorial Hall, commences at 7.30pm, but it is to be preceded by TVGS Annual General Meeting to which members only are invited.

Please come along and bring even your slightly interested colleagues–it will be good!

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