The written legacy of the Champions project amounted to an excellent website, a considerable number of information panels, and leaflets or booklets for all the Champions sites. Pdf’s of the information panels and all the free leaflets were added to the website some time ago, but there were 3 booklets which were for sale only. These could be obtained from the relevant Champions groups or from the EHT and were offered for sale at EHT and certain Champions events, but were not otherwise widely publicised.

For some time it had occurred to me that it was perhaps about time to add the 3 booklets to the Champions website in pdf format, to make the valuable information they contain more readily available. All the Champions concerned have agreed, and the EHT has approved the decision. Copies will still be sold as before while stocks last for those who prefer a hard copy.

You can now view or download the booklets for Bewdley, the Lickey Hills or the Malvern Hills from the relevant web page. The Malverns booklet covers 4 sites: Tank, Dingle, Westminster Bank and Gardiners quarries. As the booklet is a large file, it has been sub-divided into parts 1 & 2, and the double page trail map is a separate pdf. The booklet can be downloaded from any of the 4 Malverns site pages.

If you haven’t seen these booklets go to the Champions website and enjoy!