Bredon Hill Voyage (walk) is now available for download into the Voyager in deeptime app. If you have not already done so you will need to install the Voyager in deeptime app on your smartphone or tablet.

When you select ‘load a Voyage’ you will see Bredon Hill listed in the growing scrollable list of Voyages.

The Bredon Hill Voyage explores Jurassic rocks and associated landforms; it is a landscape on the move. The route gradually ascends to the northern escarpment, dominated by Parson’s Folly, and an Iron Age hillfort.

There are extensive views. From east to west: the Vale of Evesham; the Lickey Hills, and Birmingham; the Clee Hills; and the north-south aligned chain of the Malvern Hills. The rocks that form Bredon Hill were laid down in alternating deep and shallow tropical seas that teemed with life, similar to those in the Caribbean today.

Erosion, during and after the Ice Age, separated the hill from the main Jurassic escarpment of the Cotswolds, and contributed to the many landforms we will see on the Voyage.The Voyage contains photorealistic palaeo-reconstructions based on scenes from the Lower and Mid-Jurassic kindly produced by Nick Chidlaw.

The Voyage is richly illustrated with annotated photographs and custom graphics covering both the archaeology, human history and geology of Bredon Hill. As with other Voyages there are a set of ‘tasks’ you can engage with, offering feedback on your answers and a final score.

The next Voyage to be released will cover the Wren’s Nest Dudley.