Brampton Formation / Bailey Hill Formation

Age: Neoproterozoic, Precambrian


More than seven-eighths of Earth’s geological history (4600-542 million years ago) is contained within Precambrian time, which itself can be divided up into seven broad units of time. The Precambrian rocks of Herefordshire fall within the youngest unit – the Neoproterozoic (1000-542 million years ago).



In the Pedwardine area of Herefordshire are sedimentary rocks similar to the Precambrian rocks of the Long Mynd in Shropshire. These occur in a faulted block along the line of the Church Stretton Fault, which runs from northeast to southwest through the north west of Herefordshire. They are coarse sandstones with some conglomerate layers and are the oldest sedimentary rocks in the two counties. Although this area lies within the British Geological Survey sheet 180 (Knighton), no modern 1:50 000 map has yet been produced. This means that geological unit nomenclature for the area is, as yet, informal. The Precambrian sediments recorded are known as both the Brampton and Bailey Hill Formations.

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