We successfully launched our second trail ‘Around Kings Norton’ on 14th May 2022, with over 30 people joining the free guided tours …. for all the latest project information and details, please see the attached project news update: Birmingham Erratic Boulders Project Update May_Jun (5) 2022

Forthcoming Events:

There are two wonderful events coming up that we are looking forward to attending – Frankley Carnival on the 25th of June (11am to 4:30pm) and CoCoMAD on the 2nd July (12noon – 5:30pm).

Frankley Carnival : 25th June 2022

At Frankley Carnival, we’ll be promoting our Frankley Timeline Trail and seeking community involvement. We’ll also be running art and craft activities.

CoCoMAD: 2nd July 2022

At CoCoMAD, we’ll be launching Trail 2 – Around Bournville and Cotteridge Park, promoting the project and running children’s activities. It will be a big event, so if anyone has a few hours to spare to help, please contact Zoë Jackson, our Volunteer Coordinator, at z.jackson@worc.ac.uk. No geology knowledge required!

We’d love to see you all there – both events should be a lot of fun!

Find out more about the events at: https://www.facebook.com/frankleycarnival/ and https://cotteridgepark.org.uk/cocomad/.


Val Turner, Project Manager


Thanks to National Lottery players.