At this year’s Earth Heritage Trust AGM, Chair Ian Fairchild was delighted to make the following announcement.

Last summer, Margaret Rodway stepped down from the Board and this year the Trustees are marking her contribution to the Trust by making her an Honorary Member.

My records only go back to 2012 and Margaret was already a Trustee at that time, so we are firstly recognizing her sustained contribution. We also recognize her enthusiasm and sheer hard work. She regularly attended volunteer fairs to represent the Trust and expand our reach in relation to public events in general, she was key to the planning and typically filled her large car with materials.

Margaret representing the EHT at one of many display stands across the two counties.

We also marvel at Margaret’s technical knowledge of minerals which she has brought to bear in oversight on our sample collections and assisting in selling surplus materials. In addition, this year, she has contributed generously to a planned interpretation board at Romsley Hill as part of the Erratics project.

We will record Margaret’s Honorary Membership with pride on our website and offer our profound thanks and congratulations.

Ian Fairchild, Chair. June 2022.