On visiting Knapp Lane Quarry, at the north end of Dog Hill near Ledbury, I was in for a big surprise.

Brambles and fallen trees were cleared and a new path took me to the back of the quarry at the right where I knew there was a good little exposure of the steeply dipping Aymestry limestone, showing the underside of one of these beds as it disappeared to curve round under the Herefordshire plain. Sure enough, the surface had been cleaned nicely, but now, to the left, was the top surface of another near-vertical bed beautifully exposed. What a transformation!

The constant attention of volunteer clearance teams around the two counties makes such a difference to our experience of the rocks and the stories they tell. Here at Knapp Lane Quarry, we have perfect preparation for the forthcoming Guided Walk round Ledbury, one of the “25 for 25” walks on offer through the summer, which I hope many people will be able to enjoy.

If you cannot join us on the walk, the “Explore Ledbury” Trail Guide, available via the EHT shop, will also take you to this lovely spot.

Note that this is a locally protected site. If you do visit, please do not remove any in-situ material and be careful to avoid any damage or disturbance.